How it Works


Trace Register

Marketing Module

Using data within the Electronic Traceability Platform, seafood businesses can use Trace Register's innovative Marketing Module to share pertinent information with their consumers through an innovative marketing interface.

Trace Register is a market leading electronic traceability company whose web-based technology is used by more than 700 companies working in 24 countries and utilized by the world's leading buyers, suppliers, and retailers of seafood.


Trace Register

Electronic Traceability Platform

Building on e-Trip Ticket data, Trace Register’s Electronic Traceability Platform allows for additional data associated with seafood products to be entered into the system, giving businesses the ability to share approved full supply chain traceability information with their buyers, consumers, and other organizations throughout the market in nearly real-time.


Bluefin Data LLC

Electronic Trip Ticket

Gulf Seafood Trace allows businesses to use Bluefin Data’s Electronic Trip Ticket interface, which many businesses are already using for reporting requirements, as the starting point for approved data entry into Trace Register's Electronic Traceability Platform.

Bluefin Data is a software development firm whose flagship product, e-Trip Ticket, is used to report commercial seafood landings by dealers along the Gulf and East Coasts.



Electronic Trip Ticket Inventory Module


Bluefin Data’s e-Trip Ticket system incorporates new capabilities that enable users to link information registered in the system to their Trace Register account. Using the Trip Ticket inventory module, you can create an invoice for your buyer while also creating and sending a detailed trace document from your Trace Register account to your buyer’s account, making it possible to register your seafood, invoice your buyer, trace your purchases and track your sales all within one simple and efficient process.


Gulf Seafood Trace allows businesses to increase assurances to their consumers and buyers that the information they share actually means something. Trace Register's Data Quality and MRAG Americas' Data Confirmation components enhance the confidence that consumers and buyers have in Gulf seafood.

Trace Register

Data Quality

Trace Register's Data Quality component identifies anomalies and outliers in the data that is shared by businesses through nearly real-time electronic technology.

Trace Register

Data Confirmation

MRAG's Physical Data Confirmation component, activated by the Data Quality component, includes analyzing electronic data, shared by companies participating in Gulf Seafood Trace, to further confirm that the data entered into the traceability platform is accurate and verifiable. In some cases, MRAG will conduct site visits to determine the legitimacy of the shared data.

MRAG Americas is a global marine resource consulting firm whose expertise, including chain of custody audits and traceability data confirmation, has been utilized internationally for 15 years.