Frequently Asked Questions

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What is electronic traceability?

How can the complimentary Gulf Seafood Trace program be useful to my seafood business?

How do I sign up for the program, and what does enrollment involve?

How much training will it take to become familiar with Trace Register?

How much time will it take to enter data?

Who is the program designed for?

Do I have to buy special equipment to participate, such as a bar coding system?

Do I have to use all of the components of the program if I enroll?

How long will the program be complimentary, and what will the future costs be?

If I am already a Trace Register customer, what happens to my account?

Is the data and information that I enter into the components of the program secure, and who will have access to the information?

What information will be reviewed, and how will the data quality and confirmation components work?

What if I need technical support or have questions about the components of the program?

Can a Gulf seafood business use the program for seafood originating from other parts of the United States or other countries?

What happens if the commitments of the program are violated?

Is this program a type of seafood certification?

What if I try the components of the program and do not like my experience?

Can you guarantee that all data entered and used within the program is completely legitimate, accurate, and valid?

Can I use the Gulf Seafood Trace logo on my seafood packaging?

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