Our partnership with the Mississippi Hospitality & Restaurant Association created a first-of-its-kind dining campaign where traceable shrimp was served at over 50 Mississippi restaurants, offering diners the opportunity to follow their shrimp’s trail from Gulf to plate.
Gulf Seafood Trace provides electronic traceability for national retail & restaurant promotions as part of a partnership with the Gulf Seafood Marketing Coalition, highlighting their commitment to featuring only those seafood products with a verified Gulf source.
Your seafood has a story.

The objective of the voluntary Gulf Seafood Trace program is to help drive increased market demand for U.S. Gulf of Mexico seafood by telling its unique story and ensuring confidence in the market.

Gulf Seafood Trace empowers Gulf seafood businesses by offering complimentary use of robust full supply chain electronic traceability and marketing tools through 2014, together with review and data analysis to confirm the validity of the information being shared by businesses.

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